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About JTKC Group of Companies

The JTKC Group of Companies was forged with an attentive eye for innovation and a driving passion for hard work. It began in 1947 when John Tiu Ka Cho established Union Hardware in downtown Manila. Despite the challenges of a post-war economy, the store made a name for itself by selling a variety of lock sets and tools.

By the early 1950s, Union Hardware had quickly earned the success that allowed Tiu Ka Cho to open one of the first nail factories in the Philippines, the Manila Steel Manufacturing Company. Goodwill Steel and Wire Company and Goodyear Steel Pipe Corporation then followed in the early 1960s with the latter being the cornerstone of the JTKC Group of Companies’ steel manufacturing operations. To complement these companies is Kent Floors which has been at the forefront of the vinyl tile industry since 1983. It has since expanded to include products such as wood laminates (HDF), engineered wood and solid wood.

After the establishment of Goodyear Steel Pipe Corporation, the manufacturing business ventured into other industries. Among them chemicals and plastic with the birth of Philippine Calcium Industries, Winston Industrial Corporation, and Winsteel Industrial Corporation.

With his businesses flourishing, Tiu Ka Cho did not rest on his laurels and endeavored to expand into real estate. He ventured into serviced apartments with Amorsolo Mansion in Makati and in 1990, the historic and famed Gilarmi Apartments was added to the fold.

The real estate arm of the JTKC Group of Companies further grew with the birth of the Discovery brand which started with Discovery Suites in Ortigas. This was then followed by Discovery Shores in Boracay.

Today, the JTKC Group of Companies continues to diversify with the establishment of Sterling Bank of Asia and Sterling Bank of Asia is a new savings bank that opened in March 30, 2007 and aims to revolutionize the banking industry by offering world-class and professional level of service by creating a strong sales culture and customer orientation.